Sunday, March 10, 2013

Belize trip been there and back

Hi Family
I'm going to shock you all, and write my own (without Robins help, except to get into this thing)
We have returned from our church assignment in Guatemala and Belize, and what a wonderful trip it was.
Besides the weather was just wonderful, 70 degrees or so most all the time, never got rained on, didn't get to hot, and snow was forgotten, our experience with those members of the church in those little branches was fantastic.
They sent us down there for approximately seven weeks to help start self reliance food programs in some of the units in Central America, expecting it to go much like it has in other areas where we have to teach and help the priesthood get on board, etc.  Well we were done and still had almost three weeks left.  so when we    communicated with SLC and told them we were done, they hardly believed us at first and asked a lot of questions, but after explaining where we were at, they decided we should come home a couple of weeks early.
The priesthood was so willing to take on the projects, even after we had to go in and tell them that this was no giveaway program where they were going to just get something for raising their hand like has happened in the past with this program.
We took a different approach: we met with the priesthood leaders and explained the program, then spend a few days going around and seeing what we could find of resources that the members had in their own area. Then we met with the priesthood and those members wanting to be a part of the garden and chicken program.  Those meetings were life changing.  We spent a lot of time going through President Ukdorffs conference message of Oct 2011 of providing in the Lords way.  we went through it almost line by line covering how it related to them individually.  When I got done with that Robin would go through with them what was in their Local Lords store house.  When I asked what was the Lords storehouse they would answer that they didn't have one, but by the time I was done and Robin was done when they answered, it was we have all these talents, we can do this or that, the were teaching their own classes, and running their own show, using their own talents, and realized their Lords store house was just as big as anyone Else's.
What a powerful talk to use on the principles of self reliance, how it changed attitudes and desires. When we met with person over all temporal affairs for Central America he just kept saying could you come back and keep teaching this as he was amazed when we told him we had these people doing these gardens, etc, and never mentioned money, projects for them or anything.  It was so awesome watching them as true principles were being taught and accepted.  We pray they will just keep going with the attitude they had when we left.
We would be working at one place and right across the road or river would be a Mayan ruin, so we got to climb lots of those ruins too.   One reminded me of the SL temple a lot as it was built on different levels, each raising above the last.  The one at Tekal was the one used in Star wars, was fun to stand on top of it and see the view as seen in the movie.
We worked with some wonderful men who are the leaders of the projects and priesthood there, have to say I wish we north Americans had a little more of their attitude.
Got home, reported to those over us and were just getting ready to go to Vernal tomorrow, but Robins Mom just got taken to the hospital emergency with some phamonia type something, so will be in SLC for a little longer.  We will get home soon we hope.
Jeremiah is doing great in Afganistan, his wife Tara is due in three or four weeks, Jake just got back from Texas on an Army assignment, and Josh just got sent to Mississippi I think for some kind of training.  No grass gets a chance to grow under the feet of this part of the O'Crowley family. ( ok the speller just quite on this program, so your on your own for the rest)
Grandkids are doing great, Jakes youngest started walking at seven months and is now terrarizing things and still has a few weeks to turn a year, so serves Jake right, sorry for Britney his wife.
Josh's Gabe just to the priesthood, and daughter Ally just turned that sweet sixteen.  All the rest of the thirteen and 3/4 are doing just fine.        
Hope this finds all of you doing great.
Love ya all
Dana and Robin

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

We r wishing for spring, even though its only march and Idaho can have winter into June.  Lilly went to state basketball and they came home with the consolation prize.  Kc will be graduating from college this spring.   Connor is working at college but majoring in karina, I think!  Charlie is finishing up his first year of college and starting to work on his mission papers.  Jonathan and Lisa are expecting a little girl in July.   I'm excited for the blanket I'm making her, too!  Amy and jake are doing well with their little family.     We don't have too much to complain about.  Life is moving forward, and that is good.  Hope everyone the best of a new season.  Forward with faith!