Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hey I know this is going to just shock everyone that I am blogging, now I'm not sure if I'm putting this on the O'Crowley blog or just writing this to the world but we shall see. 

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone.  I find it kind of weird to not be calling up and talking to mom, it was my way of keeping up with what was going on in the family.  I guess that was the reasoning behind this blog, and I will try to do better.

As far as our family we have been really blessed this year and are all doing great.  I am still working two jobs, one marketing for my neighbors restoration company, and the other doing water system sales for a big plumbing and AC company and both have been going good.  Steph is still doing all her crafty c...(stuff) and just has head full of ideas of what she wants to do next on the house. Its a good thing both of my jobs have been going well.

Chelsea and Jake are over in Monterrey Calif. and seem like they are having a great time.  He is in the languages training for the Air Force and is learning Chinese.  We had a bag under the tree this morning when we were opening presents and it had a pregnancy test in it that was positive. I guess we are going to be grandparents, WOW.

Brittni is still working at US Airways and seems to still really like it, I hope she sticks with it just so we can still travel cheap.

Ashlee and Hailey are both doing great in school, Ashlee a Junior and Hailey an 8th grader.  They both got strait A's again this semester and we are still trying to figure out if they are really are kids sometimes because neither of us got grades like that.  They are both doing club volleyball and Ashlee even made the 18's traveling team, so she gets to go to Hawaii and Colorado for tournaments.

Hope everyone is doing great and know that we love and appreciate all of you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Andy, Steph and girls and Jake

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello from Germany

Hey guys we are about to  become grandparents over here for the first time!!!!  I know this is old hat for  many of you - but this will be our first!  Lauren is getting bigger and more miserable by the day and really wants this little guy out!  I don't think he will be a little guy though - sorry Lauren.  She is due on the 20th and we leave for the states on the 15th.  I hope she holds him in until we get there : )
This are busy as ever over here, but we are really enjoying being here at Christmas time.  We love the Christmas Markets and are trying to get in as many as we can be for the 15th.  Anything anyone needs?  Let me know now.  Mark is working on the Christmas letter tonight so that should be coming soon.
We have gotten snow three times now and yet there is none on the ground.  Lots of folks are sad about that but I am not one of them.  I love the heat!  The hotter the better and I just survive the winter and wait for Spring.  I don't know how I survived Idaho all those years!
I get to attend our 1st counselors wedding in the Memphis temple when I am there!  He is 61 and has never been married and is completely excited.  I will be with her and Matt will be one of the witnesses! Small world for sure.
Well it is late here and I must be to work very early tomorrow so I will say farewell and pray that I did this thing correct!  Robin let me know if not.
Love you all and hope you are getting to relax and feel the Christmas Spirit in your homes and lives.
Love Heather and Mark

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crawfords in Alaska

Hey there! This is Paige (Ryan's wife). We're up in Wasilla visiting with Josh and Robyn and we were just introduced to this site. Ryan just got home from Afghanistan and he still cannot, write, spell, or verbalize his feelings. Ergo, it'll probably be me who will be making our little family updates.
We hope everyone is doing well and we'll be sure to give a more detailed update later!

-Paige & Ryan Crawford

Friday, November 16, 2012

Visiting with Josh and Robyn in Alaska

Hello all,

We are in Wasilla, Alaska for the next few weeks, and for Thanksgiving with Josh and Robyn and thier family. Long day getting up here, but the view is so beautiful here especially in the snow. It is a bit cold, I sit here writing this wearing my long johns, my wool sweater, socks, and a scarf around my neck! Ok, so Dana is just wearing a sweater and a jacket when we go out. So if he puts anything extra on it is cold, I'm just colder.

We went to 2 basketball games last night, the last of the games for Gabe and Luke for this years season. They were so cute out there, both the smallest on the team, arms up to block the ball, wasn't doing much good with the tall boys, but they are great sports and love running up and down the court to engage with the ball. This evening was fun with them, and the night air even colder with the wind blowing. Mmmmm, very glad we live in Utah weather, not that it is much warmer, but it is somewhat warmer.

Ali and I worked together at the kitchen table, I with a scrapbook page that sat on the floor of my scrapbook room for 5 months, I can't figure out what to do with it, and she with her homework. We talked about Ciaphus for a few minutes, and what she was learning in one of her classes. Just alittle different thinking that how we believe, which was why she questioned it. She is learning about Jews, Christians, and Muslims. I asked her the difference between them, she has a pretty good idea of what that is. Such a fun girl getting her homework done during the games too. I often forget how smart these kids are. All 3 of them work at getting the homework done, no TV or video games until all this is done. Better parents than I was for sure.

The view out the sliding glass door to the back yard is so spectacular. Tall trees and Christmas trees are just steps away from the back door. There is a fabulous tree with red berries all over it. I want one of these in my yard. So awesome! The feel of the outdoors is breathtaking, which is why I think Josh and Robyn love living here so much, along with the hunting. It snowed the day we arrived, so there is snow on the ground everywhere, just not deep yet. Life is feeling relaxed for us which is good, we are needing it.



Monday, November 12, 2012

hi everyone,  well it only took me 2.5 hrs. since Robin was on the phone with me to finally get to where I can put something on here. I bet that doesn't even surprise anyone.  Well first off thank you all for the good time we had together at moms farwell.  It really was great to be part of a family that just got along and didn't get in some big tiff over things.  We have been staying busy around here for the last while getting things ready for guest to come to our guest ranch.  I am not a carpenter by any means but it has been fun learning as we have built a headquarters. and a cabin for our cow camp.  We have a sawmill  (A small one), I don't think we will put boise cascade out of bussiness or anything, but we did cut all the lumber for our cow camp cabin with it.  Suz is feeling a quite a bit better now.  She was out riding with me today while we were checking calves.  That is the first time she has felt like being  on a horse in a couple months.    We got a good surprise yesterday,  our webpage,   oregonguestranch.com   has climbed the ladder to the 2nd page on a google search.  That is amazing when just a few months ago we were not in the first 70 pages.  I thank everyone that has helped us get there.  I know it has something to do with everybody going and looking at it. We certainly appericate the "likes" .        Dan is waiting on his mission call,  hopfully we can fill in that blank in a week or two.   We are excited about a family reunion.  I look forward to it and hopfully this will get us knowing each other  so we can  all have fun at it.   Well I am getting cramps in my two fingers so thats all for now
                                           Tim and Suz

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rachel's Corner

Jordan and Chelsea getting ready to go to a concert.

Cortney and Chelsea a few weeks ago.
October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween!
Well I don't have much to report.
Here are the recent pics of my family.
My children are 18, so they feel they don't need to report in until the age of 24 (or at least that is what I have been told).
Cortney works everyday.  He roofs, paves, drives truck and irritates whomever catches his eye for the day.  It is pretty funny, although we shouldn't encourage him.
I (Rachel) just work on The Robins Nest stuff, and Angelic Imaging stuff, and pharmacy stuff.  Right now I am making Christmas cards for a boutique coming up, a new catalog with card kits and tag kits for the upcoming year, a dew drop covered Christmas take with a modern Rachel twist on it, getting ready to make baked mac-n-cheese with Halloween noodles (courtesy of my mother...THANKS MOM), wiping the slobber off of my adorable puppy, and avoiding the pharmacy phone call because they want me to come in and work....
Not much, I think I will mow the lawn today too before the first snow flies.
Next time I will be better at having more info, the padres didn't give me huge amounts of time to decide what I wanted to share, and I am not the greatest about sharing anything in my personal life.  Soooo, next time... :)
Have a superb day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OCrowley Family Blog

Hello OCrowley Family Members,

This blog is to help all of us stay in touch! 

It you are a spouse, child, or grand child of Dana, Tim, Holly, Andy, or Heather, you are an important member of our family.  We want to hear from you!  We want to know what is happening in your family!  We want to be close, help each other, and be great OCrowley's!

The ultimate goal is to have each family post on the blog at least once a month.  So... a post from Dana, Tim, Holly, Andy, or Heather's family each once a month. You can assign a family member to post, or you can post for them and tell about them.  I'm thinking it would be fun to learn about all the kids of the parents, each one taking a month and tell us about them. This means there should be at least 5 posts a month.  You may post more than that if you desire.

I will need an email from each family, i.e. children who will post, so that I can include them in our approved emails to post from.

We have just started a new era in our family.  Let's get it going and enjoy each other. 

Pictures are very important!  Please post pics when you post, they can be loaded from your phone or camera or computer, don't forget to do this.  If.... you need your own private tutorial, text me and I will set up a time when I can help you learn how to post.

I post on 2 other blogs, our business blog chatteringrobins.blogspot.com and my personal blog robinscreationsofjoy.blogspot.com  You are welcome to view either of these blogs to see what blog posts look like.

Love you all,