Thursday, October 25, 2012

OCrowley Family Blog

Hello OCrowley Family Members,

This blog is to help all of us stay in touch! 

It you are a spouse, child, or grand child of Dana, Tim, Holly, Andy, or Heather, you are an important member of our family.  We want to hear from you!  We want to know what is happening in your family!  We want to be close, help each other, and be great OCrowley's!

The ultimate goal is to have each family post on the blog at least once a month.  So... a post from Dana, Tim, Holly, Andy, or Heather's family each once a month. You can assign a family member to post, or you can post for them and tell about them.  I'm thinking it would be fun to learn about all the kids of the parents, each one taking a month and tell us about them. This means there should be at least 5 posts a month.  You may post more than that if you desire.

I will need an email from each family, i.e. children who will post, so that I can include them in our approved emails to post from.

We have just started a new era in our family.  Let's get it going and enjoy each other. 

Pictures are very important!  Please post pics when you post, they can be loaded from your phone or camera or computer, don't forget to do this.  If.... you need your own private tutorial, text me and I will set up a time when I can help you learn how to post.

I post on 2 other blogs, our business blog and my personal blog  You are welcome to view either of these blogs to see what blog posts look like.

Love you all,


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