Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello from Germany

Hey guys we are about to  become grandparents over here for the first time!!!!  I know this is old hat for  many of you - but this will be our first!  Lauren is getting bigger and more miserable by the day and really wants this little guy out!  I don't think he will be a little guy though - sorry Lauren.  She is due on the 20th and we leave for the states on the 15th.  I hope she holds him in until we get there : )
This are busy as ever over here, but we are really enjoying being here at Christmas time.  We love the Christmas Markets and are trying to get in as many as we can be for the 15th.  Anything anyone needs?  Let me know now.  Mark is working on the Christmas letter tonight so that should be coming soon.
We have gotten snow three times now and yet there is none on the ground.  Lots of folks are sad about that but I am not one of them.  I love the heat!  The hotter the better and I just survive the winter and wait for Spring.  I don't know how I survived Idaho all those years!
I get to attend our 1st counselors wedding in the Memphis temple when I am there!  He is 61 and has never been married and is completely excited.  I will be with her and Matt will be one of the witnesses! Small world for sure.
Well it is late here and I must be to work very early tomorrow so I will say farewell and pray that I did this thing correct!  Robin let me know if not.
Love you all and hope you are getting to relax and feel the Christmas Spirit in your homes and lives.
Love Heather and Mark


  1. Perfect, you got it!!!!! Now the hard thing is photos, we want to see you! That will be for the next post learning session! Thanks