Sunday, June 16, 2013

hi everyone please don't faint.   It really is me Tim not to much help from Susan even,  a little of course but it is fathers day.  Well we have been having guests here  this spring.  They haven't all been coming here just for the guestranch experience but hey we'll take anybody that wants to come and stay and give us money.  We have had several missionary conversations while guests have been here so I think that we are doing somewhat  what we should be doing. For those who don't know already, Seth and Garrity are expecting a little boy in Oct.  We are excited to get another grandson.
      The last bunch of grand kids here left me a little present.  I never found it until several days after they left,  but I finally found it PINK EYE  bless their pee picking little hearts.   Of course I was also willing to share it so now Suz is enjoying the gift also.  It seems it is a gift that just keeps on giving. 
     I was up on the rims just behind the house the other day and found some neat places to go rapelling.  I think all of Dana's boys could probably rig us up along those lines. 
     This is going to be another shocker to everyone,  We  have a blog of our own if anybody is interested.  It will be attached to our web site eventually but for now you can get to it at  Three of Suz's neices came and stayed with us for a few days and got us all hooked up.  I hope to keep it updated a whole lot better than I have this blog spot.
      We have been sealing the outside of our house the last couple of weeks.  I know that seems like a long time to seal our house and no it is not that big.   I just had the usual break down intreuptions that require a trip or two to town,and town being as far away as it is we don't get there everyday.  probably once a month is even stretching it a bit.  Anyay that is the reason it is takeing us so long.
     As I don't want to bore everyone too much I'll sign off for now hope this finds everyone doing great.  Have a GREAT day    Tim

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