Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hey I know this is going to just shock everyone that I am blogging, now I'm not sure if I'm putting this on the O'Crowley blog or just writing this to the world but we shall see. 

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone.  I find it kind of weird to not be calling up and talking to mom, it was my way of keeping up with what was going on in the family.  I guess that was the reasoning behind this blog, and I will try to do better.

As far as our family we have been really blessed this year and are all doing great.  I am still working two jobs, one marketing for my neighbors restoration company, and the other doing water system sales for a big plumbing and AC company and both have been going good.  Steph is still doing all her crafty c...(stuff) and just has head full of ideas of what she wants to do next on the house. Its a good thing both of my jobs have been going well.

Chelsea and Jake are over in Monterrey Calif. and seem like they are having a great time.  He is in the languages training for the Air Force and is learning Chinese.  We had a bag under the tree this morning when we were opening presents and it had a pregnancy test in it that was positive. I guess we are going to be grandparents, WOW.

Brittni is still working at US Airways and seems to still really like it, I hope she sticks with it just so we can still travel cheap.

Ashlee and Hailey are both doing great in school, Ashlee a Junior and Hailey an 8th grader.  They both got strait A's again this semester and we are still trying to figure out if they are really are kids sometimes because neither of us got grades like that.  They are both doing club volleyball and Ashlee even made the 18's traveling team, so she gets to go to Hawaii and Colorado for tournaments.

Hope everyone is doing great and know that we love and appreciate all of you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Andy, Steph and girls and Jake


  1. So Awesome, Thanks, don't forget your pictures! We are getting closer to everyone posting. Love it!