Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vernal is Cold!!!

Snow in My Yard

Hey Family,  just wanted to share our life in the snow, -5 to -10 every night, gets up to 10 right now. but it is just fun to have the seasons!  Cold is cold I've decided.  Hope all is well with your families.  We visited Jer last week, which I will post some pictures soon, and came home to frozen pipes.  Tender Mercies always abound and we did have a broken pipe, but Dana was able to shut off a valve under the house and the pipe that needs to be fixed goes to the outside faucet, so can wait until Spring for repair, and he doesn't have to crawl under the house in 10 degree weather.  Love blessings in among-st the challenges.  Keep warm!  

This year the snow just keeps coming, keeps giving!  I am loving it so much, even the cold is not bothering me that much. My nice feather comforter makes up for it at night.  I love this season of white, the beauty of the white that glitters in the sun, and the crunch as you walk quietly through the snow.  I love the softness of it's look, and the freshness of my face as the cold touches it in the winter months.  It just always feels so fresh and light especially after the snow has fallen.  It is such a crisp feeling, that I enjoy it while it stays.


Flower pots out the back door

Branches from the big Poplar tree out the back of our house.  It has given us shade for many, many years.  I love this tree.

More branches from the tree, big clump of snow on the branch.

The front of my house.  I always love how it looks in the snow, and the contrast of the white with the yellow stucco

Evening light, snow piled on top.

Our apple orchard, really Dana is my Johnny Appleseed.  I think we have enough apple trees for the entire neighborhood, but when it is time to harvest and we are making cider, I love it.  Fresh cider is the absolute best.  We didn't have any apples this year, the freeze came while they were in bloom.  Hopefully 2013 will be better.

An old metal basin by the garden

Trees in the front yard, with the lamp post.  I always love to take photos of the lamp post.

The bird bath in the garden.  I love it all year long.

The sundial in the back flower bed, I always wanted one, and it will someday be in the right direction to tell the right time.

Snow on the branches of the pine tree in our front yard.  Just in huge bunches!

My angel in my back flower bed.  She speaks to me as I look out into the garden.  She is always happy, and is so beautiful.  I feel at home when I weed around her.  She belongs here.

The wood pile by our back door.  Dana loves to get a fire going in the wood stove he built for us in the early years of our marriage.  I love the little bits of snow here and there.  I have always loved the look of a wood pile.

Well, this is home for me in the winter.  Snow, cold, and a home full of love.  I so love the winter months, and really appreciate them more after living in Africa for 2 years.  I am so happy to live where there are 4 seasons, even though snow can be cold, it warms my heart to see it, to feel it, to enjoy it.

Have a great day, and may each day of your winter be snow fun.



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