Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello again...just had to see if it worked!

It's cold here in Careyville, too.  Had to put a new battery in the car, just couldn't keep jumping it!  We spent Christmas in Pocatello and surprised Charlie.  He had to work and we didn't tell him we were coming over.  All 17 of us stayed 2 days in the apartment and had a blast.  It had just been clean check so we lucked out there!  Jake, Amy's husband, just had knee surgery and was on drugs.  Lisa, Jonathan s wife had morning sickness.  But all in all we had a great time together.
Basketball and the young women's program at church are keeping me busy.  Lilly is playing great and the new beginnings talk will be ready by Sunday.
I love chickens, and we have 2 dozen.  I baby them all the time and they give me just under 2 dozen  eggs a day.  Even in all this cold weather.  Wish we lived closer and I could share some with all of you!

Tim, I've been really thinking about cousin Joe.  He could really be an asset to your ranch.  The thought just won't go away.  He is a handi-man and jack of all trades.   Call me sometime and we will talk.

Thank you, Robin!  I will love to share our family.  I'll even figure out the complicated process of adding pics!     Until later, make it a great day!    Holly

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